Who I am

I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) at Victoria University of Wellington, in my second year. Raised in the Wairarapa I enjoyed the best of both worlds as a child - helping out on the farm and tramping in the Tararuas to doing Lighting and Sound Technician roles for local productions and IT support for my college.

My interests include Cloud Infrastructure (AWS, Azure) and Network Security. I love using Python and Javascript (and dabble a little in node.js)

I am passionate about the Scout movement in New Zealand. I enjoy assisting our youth with their Personal Development, participating in New Experiences, enjoying the Outdoors and being active members in the Community.


Work I've Done

Masterton Tramping Club

Redesign Website with new CMS | Visit

Recently I led the redevelopment of the Masterton Tramping Club website. The club came to me frustrated by their current website's cumbersome CMS, outdated style and inflexibility.

I redeveloped their website using Wordpress. I used custom CSS and PHP to provide the perfect experience for club members and prospective members alike.

Wairarapa College

Casual IT Support


Whilest being a student I assisted the IT department at Wairarapa College with IT Support. This initially began as the basic 'my projector is not working' problems but soon I quickly learnt more complicated sysadmin tasks.

I assisted with:

  • Office 365 migration
  • Active Directory Management (Windows Server 2012 R2)
  • corportate class WiFi installation (with WPA Enterprise and RADIUS) with 40+ APs
  • full switch replacement (including 10Gb/s fibre backbone)
  • 100+ computer roll out (including bulk image deployment)
  • KAMAR (Student Management System) Management
  • custom PHP web application customisation

Pōtō College House

CCTV and Network redevelopment

IP Cameras

Attached to Wairarapa College is a co-educational boarding house, with a rich history. Unfortunately due to the increased risk of seismic activity the main abultions block of the hostel has been marked for demolition. Unfortunately the hostel's network infrastructure was based out of this building, so had to be moved and restructured. IP Cameras This required hundreds of metres of network cabling to be rerun and terminated to maintain existing levels of service. This project also required the installation of CCTV cameras, WiFi access points and VOIP Phones to replace the old copper lines soon to be decommissioned.

This network included the use of Mikrotik PTP wireless links and WiFi/Switching gear, Zavio IP Cameras and IPECS IP Phones. This project was undertaken with a low budget and time restriction, and was completed to the customer's satisfaction